AAAI 2011 Workshop - AI for Data Center Management and Cloud Computing


The objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers and technologists from academia and industry to explore the applications of artificial intelligence to the most pertinent technical challenges in data centre management and cloud computing. This workshop takes advantage of AAAI 2011’s proximity to Silicon Valley by hoping to attract participants from Cisco, EMC, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Network Appliance, Oracle, SAP, VMware, etc.

The workshops are scheduled to be held at the beginning of the AAAI 2011 conference, August 7–8, 2011. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with a selected focus — providing an informal setting for active exchange among researchers, developers and users on topics of current interest. To foster interaction and exchange of ideas, the workshop will be kept small, with 25–50 participants.

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AAAI 2011, San Francisco, Sunday Aug 7th, 2011


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