Computer Programming for GIS Applications

Lecturer: Prof. Barry O'Sullivan and Dr. Luis Quesada
Office Hours: By appointment through the CS Secretary.

About this Module. This is an introduction to programming, with applications to Geographical Information Systems. We will focus, specifically, on programming in Python. We will also use ArcGIS as our GIS system, which can be readily extended using Python.

Workload. Students must attend all lecture/lab sessions. Students are expected to spend at least 3 hours per week in private study.

Recommended Texbook. The course text will be available in the bookshop. The details are:

Author: Tony Gaddis.
Title: Starting Out with Python
Publisher: Pearson
Year: 2009
ISBN: 978-0-321-54941-9.

Details: CS6508 Book of Modules entry
Lecture/Lab Sessions: 9am-Noon Wed (Geography Dept. Lab)
Assessment: 100% Coursework - 4x25% Projects.
Coursework: [ Project 1 | Project 2 | Project 3 | Project 4 ]

Teaching Materials. All materials are either in PDF format, or are availale online.

Week Lecture Slides (screen viewing) Extras Labs
1 Input, Processing and Output IDLE Tutorial Lab 01 | Solutions
2 Simple Functions Math Functions Lab 02 | Solutions
3 Decision Structures and Boolean Logic Reference Lab 03 | Solutions
4 Repetition Structures Reference Lab 04 | Solutions
5 Value-Returning Functions and Modules Reference Lab 05 | Solutions
6 Files and Exceptions Reference Lab 06 | Solutions
7 Sequences: Strings and Lists None Lab 07 | Solutions
8 Classes and Object-Oriented Programming Reference Lab 08
9 Recursion None Lab 09
10 Review None None
11 Applications to GIS None None
12 Applications to GIS None None