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The following is a list of conferences and workshops in which I am involved. To get further information on any event simply click on the blue text. Each event has an associated web-site giving further details for each event.

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CP-2002 - 8th International Conference on the Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming

Member of the Program Committee

This year's conference will take place at Cornell University, New York, USA.

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STAIRS-2002 - Starting AI Researcher Symposium

Member of the Program Committee

STAIRS'2002 is the first European Starting AI Researcher Symposium, an international meeting aimed at AI researchers, from all countries, at the beginning of their career: PhD students or people holding a PhD for less than one year. STAIRS'2002 will be held in Lyon, in the period immediately preceeding ECAI'2002

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ECAI-2002 - Workshop on Configuration

Member of the Program Committee

This workshop continues the series of workshops started at the AAAI 1996 Fall Symposium and continued at the AAAI'99 Workshop, ECAI 2000 Workshop and IJCAI2001 Workshop. The last three successful workshops had each around 30 participants representing both academia and the major configurator vendors. The goals of this ECAI workshop are to promote high-quality research in configuration and strengthen the interaction between industry and academia. The workshop is intended for researchers and product developers interested in this area and more generally in the application of AI techniques on real problems and the research fostered by it.

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CP-2001 Workshop on User-Interaction in Constraint Satisfaction

Chair and Member of the Organising Committee

User-interaction issues arise both for users of constraint programming languages and for users of constraint-based applications. The former need assistance in building models and tailoring solvers. The latter need assistance in specifying problems and understanding results. Successful user interaction is the key to fully exploiting advances in constraint solving abilities.

This workshop will be of interest to researchers who wish seek a deeper understanding of the technical issues associated with supporting user interaction for constraint-based applications, languages or environments. The workshop will also be of interest to industrialists interested in learning the state-of-the-art in the area.

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ECAI-2000 Workshop on Knowledge-Based Systems for Model-Based Engineering

Member of the Programme Committee

This workshop intends to bring together people working in various areas of appli cation of knowledge-based techniques in engineering, especially applications of model-based reasoning, constraint satisfaction, ontologies and problem-solving methods. The works hop should contribute to assessing the state-of-the-art, the bottlenecks and the role that these technologies will play in the future engineering processes. This workshop will be held in Berlin on August 22nd 2000.

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AICS-99: 10th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science

Member of the Executive Committee

Since 1988 Ireland has successfully hosted an annual conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (AICS). The conference is a forum for the presentation of original research, both basic and applied, and exchange of ideas in a broad area of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Problem Solving, and Neural Networks. This years conference will be held at University College Cork, Ireland, on the 1st - 3rd September.

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