IJCAI 2013: First International Workshop on artificial intelligence FOR Big Data


Big Data is an emerging research area of great interest across many communities in computer science, for example, systems, programming languages, parallel and distributed computing, artificial intelligence, social computing. Big Data is characterized by large amounts of data being generated continuously by interconnected systems of people and things -- click data, audio/speech data, natural language text (in multiple languages), images/video data. The challenge is to analyze the information content in these vast, continuous data streams, use them for descriptive and predictive analytics in various domains, build more robust and intelligent learning systems. Big Data offers incredible opportunities in a very diverse set of fields ranging from Consumer Marketing to politics (campaigning).

The objective of this workshop is to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of researchers and technologists from academia and industry to explore the opportunities of Big Data focusing both on applications of artificial intelligence to Big Data problems and on the use of Big Data in AI (e.g. in modeling, learning, problem-solving, multi-modal analytics).

The workshops are scheduled to be held alongside the IJCAI 2013 conference. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with a selected focus — providing an informal setting for active exchange among researchers, developers and users on topics of current interest. To foster interaction and exchange of ideas, the workshop will be kept small, with 25–50 participants.

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IJCAI 2013, Beijing, China - August 5th 2013


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