Research Interests
My main area of research interest is intelligent software systems, artificial intelligence, optimisation and applications to real world problems. I am also interested in theoretical computer science, in particular parameterised complexity and its applications. While, most of my work is in the area of constraint programming, I also like to combine techniques from the field of machine learning and formal methods with constraint and satisfiability solving techniques. Specific application domains I am interested in include: cancer care, health, environmental sustainability, computer/network security, configuration, design, telecommunications, combinatorial auctions and electronic commerce.

Our lab, 4C, of which I'm Director, has an annual research budget of approximately €2.5 million, with research awards valued at approximately €35 million since 2001, of which over €8 million has been under my direct control, i.e. I am the named principle/funded investigator. My research income has come from Irish agencies such as SFI, Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Research Council, and the European Commission through the FP7 programme. My research has also been generously supported by industry.

Research Group Successes
Finalists, 2012 Google-ROADEF/EURO Challenge (web)
Finalists, 2010 EDF-ROADEF/EURO Challenge (web)
Winners, 2008 International CSP Solver Competition (web)
Winners, 2007 International Timetabling Competition Post-Enrollement Category (web)
Winners, 2007 IEEE Ramamoorthy Award (web)
Winners, 2007 ISA Prize for Most Commercially Viable Student Project.